Yours-Truli Conducts Writer’s Seminar

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Yours-Truli recently conducted a seminar for writers and would-be writers. The seminar will be held at the Shangri-La Plaza Banquet Area starting at 7am on July 7th and will commence the following day. The event will be spearheaded by Chief Editor Nigel Ringwald, a long-time veteran editor and the resident know-it-all at Yours-Truli.

To anyone interested in joining the said seminar, you may express your intention to do so by filling up the form in our Contacts page. Someone from Your-Truli will get in touch with you shortly to give you additional information regarding the seminar. Registration is free. There will be complimentary lunch and snacks for the duration of the seminar.

“The goal of this event is to encourage beginners and those who aspire to become great writers to improve their craft,” says Ringwald in an interview with Time Magazine, who did a feature on him and his exploits at Yours-Truli and some other earlier writing gigs he has figured in. “There is always the possibility that we will discover the next great writer amidst the throng of these young, aspiring creatives,” adds Ringwald.

The seminar is a part of a series which was initiated by Yours-Truli in the early part of last year. They hope to make it a regular event, to keep track of the development of these young scribes and future editors.

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