Your-Truli Posts 4th Quarter Gains

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Yours-Truli has recently published a Quarterly Review of the company’s performance and they are proud to announce that the company has gained a staggering 95% growth compared to the same quarter last year. This is a positive indicator for the young team and is showing that they are moving in the right direction. This will definitely impact the decision-making of the company’s head honchos to say the least.

Trent DeBucher, CEO at Yours-Truli, is very pleased with his team’s performance. “Each year we set goals for our company. Each year we surpass those goals. If this trend carries on to the next year, we are looking at a possible expansion to accommodate future business ventures,” opines DeBucher. In an exclusive interview with BBC News, heĀ also mentioned that they are looking at the possibility of buying a smaller company which could improve the stock value of the company.

“That is another possibility, although the chances of that happening in the next couple of years is not so great. We at Yours-Truli prefer to grow from within, by hiring the right people for the right job. I’d rather go that route instead of the buyout of another company,” continues DeBucher. Besides, at this point, there is no company offering the same products and services like Yours-Truli which seem an attractive option to buy into.

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